Movie Recommendations – How Movie Ratings Creep Up

A movie, also known as a motion picture, video film, digital movie or digital video, is a complex work of visual art which utilises digital imaging to simulate live experiences to convey stories, ideas, emotions, beauty, or mood through the medium of moving pictures. Movies are of three types: independent films, animated movies and live-action movies. Each type can be categorised further to show the different mediums which the movie was shot in. The three types of movies are more-or-less independent films, animated films and live-action films.

Independent films are made by people who make the movies for themselves without any form of major Hollywood companies’ involvement. Most of the time the budget of independent films is minimal and their popularity can be attributed to the small number of big-budget films directed by big name directors that regularly invade the cinemas. Consequently, independent films have limited appeal to mainstream audiences and most film critics rate their quality highly.

Animated films, on the other hand, are made for children and adults. However, both children and adults can enjoy these movies as they do not have any violence or foul language involved. Generally, kids’ movies contain some violence, such as suggestive content, but these are often part of the story and not shown during the trailers. In order to remain in favour with parents, the makers of animated films offer good film ratings so that parents can decide whether to watch a particular film or not without being confused about the kind of film they are watching.

PG (rated mature) and PG 13 (rated for teens) films are the usual targets of movie watchers who are looking for family-friendly entertainment. Rated R (for strong language and suggestive themes), PG offers a family-friendly platform for movie lovers who don’t want to exhaust their entertainment quota in one film. The PG ratings are normally recommended for preteens and teenagers.

Several websites keep a running list of the most popular films, along with the movie trailers. Movie ratings can be obtained from these sites as well as movie trailers. For instance, the Entertainment Web site rates movies according to the audience’s age. These ratings are taken from a standard scale based on age. An example is the “teen” category which contains films intended for teenage audiences. Other categories are the “women” category for women in their late twenties and thirties, and the “children” category for kids below twelve.

A major drawback of the Movie Guide website is its lack of depth. Despite offering a basic outline of the plot, it doesn’t give a thorough overview of the film. Some of the movies are very good, while others are mediocre. Also, the ratings creep up and down, which makes it difficult to figure out which film is best. Moreover, the guide does not offer ratings for controversial films. Yet, the site does provide a lot of information, which is invaluable to movie lovers.