Loving Others – The Importance of Living the Example of Love

We often hear the term “love” used spiced up in songs, movies and television serials. But what is it really? The dictionary defines it as a “precious and intangible mental pleasure derived from the love of a person for another.” In simple terms, love is the emotion we feel when another human being in our lives shows us an expression of love. It is the feeling that can make us smile or cry, can make us laugh or get upset.

When you are in love you are happy, relaxed, full of vitality, full of hope, and so on. The feeling of love can bring many things to your life. It can bring friends and family to you, it can ease your mind of the worries of the world, it can inspire you to do great deeds and great things. It can fill your life with amazing peace of mind.

In order to feel love for someone, first you need to be in love yourself. Once you are able to feel love for yourself, you will be able to love others. And before you can begin to love others you have to be in love with yourself. The simplest way to do this is to be honest with yourself about what you are really like inside. Are you a happy go lucky person, do you have problems, do you have hopes and dreams, or do you just go along with the punches and jokes?

Being in love with yourself will make it easier to connect with someone else in a much deeper way. You will be able to understand them better, to trust them more and to feel compassion for them. It is through this inner work that you can truly love someone else. Your true self will be revealed and you will be able to share it with the new person that you are in love with.

In addition to loving yourself, you must also be loving to your other half. This involves being there for them when they are in pain, helping them through tough times, supporting them in their interests and passions, and generally being there for them no matter what. You should always have feelings of love and concern for your loved one and that will show through in whatever you do.

The most important thing about loving someone else is that you don’t take on their bad habits. If you are constantly nagging at them to do this or do that, or if you are demanding that they change this behavior, you are not living the example of love that you are supposed to be. You must be there to help them change and make them better. However, when you love someone else as yourself you will also do the same. This shows them that you are there to love and be loved, and you will always put them first in everything that you do.