How Does the Earth Get So Tilted?

When people talk about the planet earth, they often speak of its physical characteristics. People on earth know the planet earth is round, it is a very big place, and that it is made up of primarily rocks. What many people do not realize is that earth also has oceans, lakes, rivers, and atmosphere. Earth is truly a remarkable place in our cosmic scheme of things. It has been given the chance to take its natural course through all the ups and downs of evolution and the climate changes that have occurred throughout the ages.

The Sun is responsible for creating heat and light. When the Sun goes down, the Earth also goes down into a phase known as an eversion. When Earth rotates on its axis it spins faster, and when the Sun comes out it spins slower. This natural process that Earth goes through between day and night is called tectonics. When the earth rotates, it also causes the oceans to rise and fall, the continents to separate and move around, and the sun to heat up and create clouds, which will affect the weather.

The climate on earth is affected by the amount of sunlight that the planet receives and the amount of clouds that block the sun’s rays. Earth has about one hundred and twenty three million miles away from it’s Sun, or at the most two hundred times farther away than the sun. When the Sun goes down, the planet becomes colder, and when the Sun comes up the planet warms up. The largest impact on the climate on earth is caused by the impact of greenhouse gasses that result from the earth rotating. The Earth rotates once every nine and a half days, but the size of the impact that it causes is dependent on how much mass is added to the planet, and how fast it is rotating.

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