Love is an idea that has guided humanity since its very beginning. One of the most basic human emotions, love is not limited by gender, race, or age. It encompasses a wide range of positive and negative emotional states, from the strongest personal virtue or universally acceptable good behavior, to the easiest greatest pleasure. Love is a powerful force that can help make the difficult and challenging happenings in our lives easy and enjoyable. In the end, love is the best kind of motivation you can use.

In order to nurture love, it is first important for us to understand what love is. Loving another person comes in various forms. It can be positive emotions such as compassion or a desire for fairness, or it can be a desire for another person’s growth or success. Positive emotions are much easier to cultivate than negative ones. And yet, positive emotions can be the most difficult to manage and control.

Many of us are familiar with the idea of love that is based on affection and intimacy. This is, in fact, one of the best ways to cultivate love, but many of us also believe that this type of love is only truly powerful when shared among close friends and family members. While close relationships with those we care about are certainly important, they do not provide the intimacy and intense feelings that are necessary to really cultivate passionate love. Intense feelings of passion and desire come from being connected to another person deeply and intimately. This is why intimate relationships are so often associated with love.

However, passionate love does not just mean connecting intimately with one person. It also often includes strong feelings of obligation and dedication to a particular cause or individual. These deeper connections, coupled with the emotional depth of compassion and attachment, make for a very strong emotional foundation that can endure even the highest levels of conflict and difficulty. Such intense feelings, however, are not found in intimate relationships, at least not while the relationship continues to move forward in a relationship that is primarily based on affection and intimacy.

So, does romantic love actually include strong feelings of passion and attraction? Well, it may very well happen occasionally in your love life, but it would not likely be the type of intense feeling that you would experience if you were in a deeply meaningful relationship. On the other hand, there are many who find true romance in their romantic relationships with another person. And, those who experience such feelings and have them on a regular basis probably wouldn’t trade them for anything less.

So, is love only based on romance and emotion, or can it involve the other more subtle romantic languages that we all use every day? The answer is: All of them! Emotions, beauty, passion and commitment are all part of what make a relationship a successful one. While some of us have more intense responses to these love languages than others, all of them are necessary to make sure that our relationships are healthy. We are all different, and while all of us experience love differently, we can all find ways to receive love in different ways.