Astronomy Teacher Resource Books

Earth is the second planet from the Sun and only technological artifact known to support and harbor life. About 70% of Earth is land including oceans, continents and islands. The remaining portion is covered with a crust that is made of mineral-bearing rocks. Geologists believe that Earth was created in less than ten million years by a collision and super collision with another planet or asteroid.

It is believed that Earth is currently cooling down from a near volcanic explosion of super heated magma. This explosion cooled off the Earth’s temperature so much that scientists aren’t certain it took place in billions of years ago. Evidence of this super eruption can be found in the form of volcanic islands, lava flows, and geysers. Evidence of a greenhouse effect can be found in the planet’s atmosphere where increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide have led to the slowing of Earth’s climate.

The moon is another astronomical body that is believed to have caused Earth to evolve. The moon does not produce its own energy and relies on solar radiation from the sun to produce heat. Astronomy students will learn that the moon has a large impact on our planet and can potentially wipe out life on earth if a big moon came close to the earth. Another big way the moon affects Earth is via tides. They can result in massive storms that may create clouds and other forms of precipitation.

Astronomy teachers may teach students about the relationship between Earth and space travel. It is possible to visit the moon and learn more about how the space program came to exist. Astronomy classes would include lessons about astronomy and how to use telescopes to view the universe. Astronomy teachers would also discuss the advantages and disadvantages to space travel. Space travel would require astronauts to travel farther into the space environment than any human has ever done before.

An interesting part of space travel and studying earth would be studying what effects it could have on earth. Some people believe that life on earth could have possibly come about without the help of aliens. The moon acts as a control for the weather on earth and the astronauts mentioned how they had to adjust the moon’s gravity in order to make sure they did not fly into trouble. They also discussed the possibility of sending people on a one-way mission which would send them to another planet. Some people believe that if space travel was faster than the speed of light then life on earth could have been easily created.

One way that students in earth and space science classroom could research would be to look at different ways space travel could affect the earth. By visiting outer space you can actually take a look at how the atmosphere protects the earth from space debris. You can see if our protective shield is strong enough by looking at the planets in our solar system. These experiments could then be done by future students when they go back to college.