We all love something in our life, whether it be people objects, or things. We all want love, and love brings with it many rewards. Love is the one pure emotion that connects people together no matter what they do. It can make us go out of our way to make others happy and experience things that may normally seem impossible.


What is love? Love is described by Merriam Webster’s dictionary as “a pure emotional affection; passionate love; adoration.” From this definition it would appear that love is a very specific mental state that occurs in our brains. The more I read the more I realized that love is not only a state in our brains but it is also a very specific feeling that we get from one another.

People experience very unique feelings of love when they are with their companions, lovers, friends, family, or even strangers. The most common emotion felt is love, however, other feelings may come and go, such as friendliness, a desire to spend time with them, compassion, or even a desire to be their friend. What all these different emotions mean is that all these experiences are part of a complex package known as “companionate love.” All of these experiences help to define and enhance our human relationship.

Companionate love is a powerful force that helps to make us happy and healthy. When we are happy, successful, and have close relationships with our companions, we feel an increase in our overall happiness and productivity. It is from this experience of sharing with another person that we come to learn the ins and outs of romance, how to give romance, and how to receive romance in return.

Emotions are a complex thing and the way we experience those feelings vary from one person to another. One person may find that romantic love means that they feel safe and nurtured when they share their deepest thoughts and secrets with another person. On the other hand, other people may experience a completely different type of feeling. For example, some people may get frustrated when another person does not show the same feelings of affection for them that they show for themselves, and so they may find that they have negative emotions when this happens to them.

In the case of companionship, it’s important that you are able to create strong feelings towards another person before you start a relationship with that person. If you do not experience strong positive emotions when you share your deepest thoughts and secrets with another person, then you may want to consider whether it’s worth putting yourself into that sort of a situation. In cases where you are dating someone, you should try to avoid any type of relationship until you are sure that you will both love each other and that your feelings for each other are genuine. Once you are sure that you will both love each other, then you can begin your romantic relationship. However, if you have not found the love of your life, then it’s never too late to enter into a more intimate relationship with someone that you have fallen in love with. Love is a very powerful emotion, and if you allow yourself to experience it, then you will find that it can transform your entire life and your world!