“Earth” is a word that has no definite or accepted meaning. It simply is a part of the Astronomical universe. However, the planet Earth is a very real and living world. There is a great deal of life existing on Earth. The earth is divided into continental shelves, oceans, sub-continents and poles.


The earth is the second planet from the Sun and only incidentally the only celestial body known to support and sustain life. Only about 29.2% of the earth’s surface is solid land including all oceans, continental shelves and polar caps. This percentage is gradually increasing with time. This is because of global warming caused by the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide released by human beings and other sources.

Since the earth is becoming a more populated place, land covers are expanding. This is causing major alterations in the earth’s tilt, which is causing shifts in weather patterns. Geologists have measured the tilt of the inner core of the earth and compared it to the tilt at the poles. They have discovered that there is an almost perfect correlation.

When a satellite or space probe passes over the earth, it can send back data about the composition of the earth. The data is helpful in determining whether or not it is round, if it has a tilt, if it is hot or cold, what gravity it possesses and so on. All these measurements can be taken for science funding agencies and used to help scientists learn more about the earth. If we discover earth is mostly made up of rock, then it will be much easier to understand why earthquakes occur, volcanoes erupt and other such phenomena. We will also have an idea about plate tectonics, how tectonic activity causes different types of earthquakes and volcanoes. The study of earth’s structure through earth satellites will help us better understand space weather.

Some people believe that the earth is round. However, there is no solid evidence to prove this. Satellite pictures show that there is some movement in the earth’s orbit. This is most likely caused by ice sublimating; however, some creationists believe that the moon caused the shift in our orbit. There is also some evidence that suggests the earth is flat, but this has never been conclusively proven.

Why don’t we take this opportunity to find out more about the earth before rushing off into space? We can explore outer space, but only if we have the right information. That’s why you should research the earth online. It’s available online for you to download in its entirety for your personal use. And once you know more about the earth you can decide whether to go into space or not.