Why Visit the Earth?

Earth is the only cosmic object known to host and support living organisms, including plant and animal life. About 29.5% of Earth is land consisting primarily of islands and continents. The remaining portion of the planet is covered with water and has no trace of solid surface land. It is one of the few planets in the Solar System that does not have a solid surface and because of this is very hot and very cold in certain areas, much like a hot and cold ocean.

There are many satellites orbiting the earth now studying it. One of the most recent studies shows that the earth is constantly vibrating, and that there are about two to three earthquakes every day. It has also been shown that there is much less water on earth than previously thought and that it is mostly land that fills up with water. There are some clouds in the upper atmosphere that may help block some of the infrared radiation from penetrating the earth, but it is unclear as to whether or not this actually helps reduce the temperature. All the evidence is so far circumstantial and there is so much more research that has to be done before we can make any solid conclusions.

Some people believe that if the earth was flat they might be able to live there because there would be no barrier to prevent them from flying through. This is especially true because of the challenges involved with taking an airplane into orbit, which is extremely difficult, and then landing it again. Of course, if you don’t believe that there is enough atmosphere to allow aeroplanes to fly, you will be unable to take one into space. You can find out more about this interesting subject by following the links below.

While you are on earth, you have little gravity and you’ll spend a lot of time floating around. When you consider that if you were to go up to Mars, you will have to put your life at risk, this fact alone makes you realize that you are really only a temporary visitor to earth. Yes, the planet Mars is pretty cold and getting there will require you to spend at least 12 minutes inside an Earth atmosphere. Then, once you arrive there, you will have to live in extreme cold temperatures and in a very tiny and crowded space. Is this something that you want to do? I’m sure not.

On the other hand, if you were to visit the moon, you would have very little gravity, which would mean that you could land astronauts on the moon rather easily. If you had the means to travel to other planets, it would be a very nice place to visit. Many of these planets are very similar to earth, but very different in their own solar systems. If you go to visit another planet in the solar system, you could have your pick of many worlds to choose from.

The truth is that going to the moon or the outer planets is a great way to learn more about space and to look at other heavenly bodies. But, you may decide that this is not the direction you would like to travel in for ethical reasons. That said, if you visit earth, it will surely help you gain a greater respect for our earth and for ourselves as people. That is a priceless gift.