There are many aspects of love that are universally true, but not all of them are equal. People in love are filled with emotions and commitment. They think about their beloved 65 percent of the time. The word itself indicates a directional bond, and people in love exhibit signs of emotional dependence, possessiveness, jealousy, and fear of rejection. In one study, researchers studied brain activity after exposing people to photos of rejected loved ones. They found that people who were in deep love were less likely to show egotistical reactions to photos of their rejected loved ones.


The word “love” in Greek has several distinct meanings. The Ancient Greeks distinguished four types of romantic love, and modern authors have differentiated even more varieties of romantic love. The word “love” is historically difficult to separate from other words, and there are examples of verbagapo and phileo that have the same meaning in different contexts. Hence, it is important to distinguish between these two different types of emotions. But, let’s focus on what makes each one different.

Love is not only a feeling that can be expressed in a romantic relationship. It can be self-love, a love for a friend, a relationship with a partner in which the focus is on sexual attraction, and it often involves game-playing and emotional distance. However, people who participate in this type of love are unlikely to commit and feel free to end their relationships at any time. In contrast, people who engage in storge love are typically more mature and trusting. They are not needy or dependent, and their love for someone is mutual.

There are many types of love. A passionate love, for example, is defined as intense longing and often accompanied by physiological arousal, including rapid heartbeat. On the other hand, companionate love is defined as affection without arousal. This is the type of love that is common to both men and women. In addition to being a more emotional form of love, it is also a more physical type of love. While it is not as passionate, it is still very much the same.

While there are many definitions of love, the majority of people consider it to be a powerful emotion that demonstrates a desire to spend time with someone. This type of love is often described as romantic and is focused on the opposite extreme. For example, in erotic relationships, the focus is on physical attraction. In storge relationships, the focus is more on mutual interests and open affection. The goal of this type of love is to make the other person happy.

Physical attraction is another form of love. While erotic love is based on physical attraction and sex, it may not be a long-lasting relationship. Infatuation is a form of love that can lead to a life-long partnership. Intimacy is not limited to a romantic relationship; it is based on mutual respect. A physical attraction can be the basis of a great partnership. If the other person is unrequited, it is unrequited.

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