Many people confuse love with attraction. The truth is that the two are very different. In the Western world, love is often equated with romantic passion, while the Eastern world sees it as a spiritual or emotional feeling. While the Western definition of love is a little clumsy, it should be considered as an active emotion. Here are some ways to understand the differences between the two. A person with dark or insecure attachment styles is most likely to embrace pragma love, while someone with an eros attachment style is more likely to endorse ludus.


The four types of love are passionate, erotic, and platonic. A relationship that involves these four elements of attraction can be defined as either. In general, a person can have more than one type of love. An individual may experience many types of love in a relationship. There are different levels of commitment required of each type, so understanding the types of love is important. Some forms of romantic love can last for years or even a lifetime.

In Christian circles, love is defined as a strong emotional attachment or “desire” to another. A person who is in love will do anything for their loved one, even if it means sacrificing oneself to make their beloved happy. It is a deep and lasting emotion, which can transcend a relationship and lead to marriage. If you want to know more about the different types of love, read on. If you don’t like your partner’s current life, you’ll likely not feel passionately about them.

While love is a universal emotion, some individuals express different types of love. The most common is romantic, which emphasizes physical attraction. In this case, both partners are interested in the same things, and the relationship may not end despite the physical distance between them. In addition, erotic lovers are unlikely to commit and often feel free to end a relationship. A more mature form of love is storge, which involves an emphasis on mutual interests, open affection, and trust.

In Christian circles, love can refer to an object, an ideal, or a concept. Often, love is an expression of warm affection and is often contrasted with lust, a less-sexual form of romantic attachment. In addition, it can refer to a friend. The word can also mean a strong desire to love an object. Its most common definition is friendship. But it is also possible to fall in between. While some people experience erotic love, it is rare to find a person who truly loves another.

Love can be described as a warm, loving attachment between two people. The term “love” can be used to refer to an object, or a principle. In Christian circles, love is often characterized by the desire to benefit another person. In other cultures, it can be a religious term or a societal value. When a person has this feeling of affection, it is often defined in terms of a relationship.