Action Movies And Comedy Movies

A movie, also known as a video, short movie, vid, or short video, is an artistic work of visual entertainment that conveys ideas, stories, impressions, beauty, or ambiance through the utilisation of moving pictures. Movies are widely distributed over the internet and viewed by people all over the world. The invention of the movie industry is credited to Louis B. Mayer, the so-called father of modern film industry. He worked with movies at the Mussoorie Film City in India from whence he made his first feature length movie ‘The Yanks’. This movie won seven Academy Awards and was one of the first movies to show black and white photography and expressive films.

B.L. Marden was the name given to him by the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He went on to establish the Fox Studios in New York City and also worked on the Harry Potter series of movies. However, it was his second feature that he directed ‘A Trip To Italy’, which went on to become one of the biggest hits of all time and created him a name in the realm of movie makers.

Film industry insiders will tell you that the real life story of George Lucas is quite an interesting one. Although the success of Star Wars paved the way for a number of other successful movies and created a generation of fans all around the world, many people involved in this industry remain uncertain about the birth of such popular movies. The truth, however, is that the creator of such classics as Star Wars owes a lot of his success to the Coelho Fan Fiction ‘Raju’, which was written as a script by the Portuguese author. Lucas used the novel to base the world of Star Wars on and according to him, without the work of Raju, Star Wars could never have been possible. In the process of making such a huge success, Lucas made many people involved in the film industry.

Amongst these people are John Lloyd Webber who played the role of Yoda in the first three Star Wars films and thereafter went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for his work. Later on, he went onto play the father of Greedo in the original Star Wars film as well as the boss of the gang that Jabba belonged to in the later films. Then there is English film star Alan Rickman who played the role of Hans Solo in the original trilogy of Star Wars. This part of Star Wars is commonly known as the Solo Trilogy and today, a whole franchise of Solo films have come up.

The other notable person to come from the film industry is French photographer, Claude Marevic. Known for his bold shots that included many elements of the natural environment, Marevic worked with renowned Italian director, Lucio Giordano. Together they created some of the most striking imagery from the war that helped to shape the world into the place that it is today. Marevic is also associated with the work of photographer Lucio Fontana who shot some of the best movies ever made including Invictus, The Godfather and Eternal Youth. Both men worked with the renowned Italian film director, Giordano and produced one of the most visually stunning films ever released in 2021, Man On The Moon.

These are just a small few of the names that go hand in hand with the world of movie making. There are many more who are considered professionals in the field of film and the industry. Some of the names include George Clooney, Matt Damon, Alexander Singer, Alexander Payne, Quentin Tarantino and Will Smith. Of course, any one of these actors can tell you that they are a comedic actor, while others are considered action movies. There are also names such as Wes Anderson, Guy Ritchie and Clint Eastwood who all have had varying careers throughout their lives.