Love is a powerful force that has the ability to bring about any feeling that we want to experience. It is that intangible force that we connect to when we are at our happiest, sadest, most fulfilled or at our most frustrated. It is the driving force that makes us move forward, and it can be the driving force for us to stay where we are today. But what does love do? Does it actually bring us any benefits? What can love give to our lives?

Love encompasses a wide range of positive and negative emotional and physical states, from an overarching virtue or universally positive trait, to the most fulfilling intimate relationship, to the easiest form of fun. It can be defined as the state of being loved, when you feel like you belong, have a carefree attitude and aren’t focused on the outcome. You may be looking for some companionship and a sense of trust, intimacy, commitment and security. This is what love can give to you when it comes to your relationship with your partner.

But loving is not something that you automatically do. Most of us have to learn and practice the art of love. There are many forms of romantic love; the most popular ones include: the expression of adoration, cherishing, bonding, devotion, unconditional love and attraction. Each one of these has its own feel and effect on a person’s emotions. You can use any one of them, in combination, for a meaningful relationship.

Adoration is a romantic love that focuses on the other person’s qualities and personality, and is expressed with a romantic attitude, including appreciation and respect for the unique characteristics of the other person. Erotic lovers feel passionate about their romantic love relationships. Bonding is a relationship that involves deep, caring, emotional intimacy. It is an enduring love relationship between two people that is committed to reciprocal caring and affection. Compassionate bonding is sometimes used as a therapeutic treatment for couples who have difficulties communicating their feelings and are reluctant to open up to others about them.

Abundance love is one of the most powerful forms of romantic love. This type of loving relationships involve the feeling that a person is complete and offers acceptance and happiness beyond what is required by the other person in order to feel complete. Abundance love differs from emotional intimacy in that the goals are typically more material than emotional. The emotions involved in abundance love are more directed toward acquiring material items (including money and property) than they are with emotional intimacy. Abundance love is a great foundation for friendship, romance and long-lasting, intimate relationships.

As you become aware of the ways your thoughts, actions and words can affect your relationship, you will begin to use love languages to communicate with your partner. These love languages allow you to express your needs in a way that expresses love and gives your partner the opportunity to respond in similar ways. You may even be surprised by how quickly you begin to feel loved and accepted by your partner once you take the time to learn these language patterns.