A movie, also known as a movie trailer, short film, mini-movie or motion picture, is an artistic work of visually exquisite motion pictures used to communicate specific messages, ideas, emotions, aesthetics, beauty, or setting through the utilization of moving images. Movies are usually produced by independent film companies or by major studios and released for public viewing with a trailer. The words “trailer” and “moviemaker” are interchangeable, but the movie in question usually has a plot and the plotlines are repeated throughout the movie. The main actors in a movie are usually featured in a trailer for the movie.


Movies can be bought from a movie house or purchased through the movie rental market. Most movies are usually released in the month of June and available for sale in the beginning of July. A movie house is usually a multiplex theater that screens multiple titles at the same time. Multiplexes have multiple screens for showing movies; for example, one screen will show a movie while another screen is used for a different title. Some multiplexes also have onsite rental shops that offer tickets for the movies that have not yet been released in the multiplex. These rentals are often sold out by the time the movies are released in the multiplex.

Blockbuster, a chain of department stores that started in 1974, was one of the first places people would go to see a movie after they were released. Blockbuster films were usually about science fiction or fantasy films and were not very successful because there were not many people who went to the movies that were interested in the genre. As time passed and the demand increased, more theaters decided to add in more classic films and many people began to go to these theaters to watch their favorite movies. Blockbuster eventually became a national phenomenon and it now has locations in over ninety countries worldwide. It is one of the most successful chain of movie theaters in the world today.

Disney, together with its movie studio known as Pixar, has produced some of the most successful movies of all time and is known for creating high quality video games as well. Over the years, the company has grown into one of the biggest film producing companies in the world and is known for making movies that are loved by families and children. Many movies at Disney are popular among children and some of them have been made into cartoons. The Mouse House is a major tourist attraction and is located on Walt Disney World property. The Mouse House opened in 1971 and is still open today.

Another great example of a movie studio in the United States is DreamWorks Animation. Dreamworks Animation has produced some of the best and most successful computer animated films of all time including the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Most of the movies tell stories about children in the Chinese Neighborhood of Panda City and the other movies tell stories about animals in the African continent and other countries. Dreamworks Animation has been producing some of the best movies ever for both kids and adults and they have earned billions of dollars in revenue.

Many of the movie studios in the United States either produce their own movies or they contract out the production of their movies to other countries. Some of the countries that the movie studios outsource their work to are India, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and several others. Dreamworks produces the Kung Fu Panda franchise and a number of other popular movies that tell stories about children, animals, and other special effects.