A movie, also known as a motion picture, short film, digital movie or video film, is an artistic work of multimedia visual art designed to simulate various experiences which convey stories, ideas, emotions, sights, beauty, or environment through the use of visible moving images. It can be viewed on television, on the Internet or on VHS. Movies are produced for a variety of reasons, ranging from entertainment to social commentary to education and commercial promotion. Most movies are made by Hollywood studios and distributed by independent producers, often through the internet.


In order to determine the theme of his movies, a movie producer first needs to choose a theme for the film. The themes can be comedy, romance, science fiction, horror, comedy, action, adventure, horror, thriller, and children’s films. A movie theme should be chosen according to the audience, in order to make the movie interesting and appealing to the audience. The theme will help the producer has come up with a plot and characters.

One of the most popular themes in movies today is the American Dream. This theme is ideal for movies about American living in the twenty-first century. In this type of movie, the protagonist is an American who has achieved success in business and is able to balance family life with his career. For example, the hero of one of the more successful American movies of the 21st century would be Tom Cruise.

Themes that are most popular throughout history include the themes of the Revolution, Civil War, capitalism, immigration, and the changing society. Many movies deal with these themes. A great example is the coming of the New World. The New World brought a culture with different colors, cultures, and language to the Americas. Themes such as these were common throughout history. Themes such as these were popular and changes in technology helped change the genre of movies.

The decade of the 1980’s was a popular decade for movies. The rise of disco and other fun loving fads helped change the theme of movies. Theater industry saw a rise in the number of movies being made during this decade and changed the way they were made. A modern day movie would not look the same as a classic from the past.

The last decade of the twentieth century is known as the New Millennium. Movies began to deal with issues of global warming and the growing concerns of the population. The New Millennium also saw the first black president. The theme for the new millennium is one of cooperation in the interests of humanity.