Love is a group of behaviours and feelings characterized by intense intimacy, romance, concern, commitment, and emotional passion. It involves emotional intimacy, caring, closeness, trust, intimacy, dependence, devotion, attachment, and affection. Love can change in intensity over time and can vary by intensity for different people.


Some of the most common emotional states that produce the feelings of love are romantic love, caring, dependence, dedication, dependence, devotion, and attraction. Romantic love is one of the most powerful emotions experienced by humans. It is a strong desire to devote one’s self to another person. In this state of love, you feel an intense emotional bond and loyalty towards your partner. You share your mind, body, soul, home, and heart with your partner and this forms the most important relationship in your life.

Care and compassionate feelings are other common feelings of love. This type of emotional state often develops after an intense physical relationship. In this stage of development, two people feel deeply connected and have an immense amount of love for each other. They start sharing their thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, imaginations, food, clothing, etc.

The other most common emotion experienced is positive emotions such as joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction, triumph, love, and excitement. Positive emotions create the desire to become involved in a relationship where these feelings are not suppressed or forgotten. Positive feelings create the need to be with another person and to love that person. This state of mind motivates a person to move towards establishing a relationship. This is one of the basic steps to creating a loving relationship

Another step towards relationships is closeness. Closeness is the building of closeness and the feelings of comfort and security. As two people who are attracted to one another develop this closeness; they also develop an attraction for one another. When the closeness and attraction to each other become strong enough, it creates attraction which turns into love.

Closeness, love, attraction, becoming attached, becoming friends, forming alliances, getting physically close, forming long term relationships, etc. – all of these states of mind can be brought about by using the basic steps of relationship counseling. Relationship counseling can bring about the development of loving feelings towards one another and also help in developing closeness. When you are ready to make a relationship work, you will need to use the basic steps of relationship therapy. This will help you understand how to bring about loving feelings towards the other person while developing attraction and closeness.