What Is a Movie?

A movie, also commonly known as a motion picture, short film, or video, is an artistic work of visual art, usually produced by a movie director for the purpose of conveying information, ideas, emotions, representations, characters, or the environment through the means of moving pictures. Motion pictures are of different types – some contain only images and some include sound. The word “motion picture” comes from the word mime, where a motion picture is used to portray some kind of movement. Movies are made in the form of films or computer-animated films and are presented on the large screen either front-to-back or long-screen (longer than the average human eye can view). Both the images and the sounds are created by using film or sometimes also with special effects and computer animation.

The term “motion picture” has several other forms. Motion-graphics films show the motion of objects rather than the images themselves; these are called “cinema masters” or “motion picture experts.” Video games often contain video segments which are run within a movie and are played in the video player. And computer entertainment systems often include some features that allow the playing of motion pictures as part of the system.

There are many genres of motion picture. The two most popular are comedy and horror. Comedy movies deal with everyday situations, like those in daily life. These movies may include funny guy movies, romantic comedies, or action movies dealing with intense combat.

Horror movies are often associated with terror, suspense, or horror. In the classic horror movie, the character forces his or her way into a house or building and attacks the inhabitants. The movie may be set in an ancient castle or mansion, in the woods, on the beach, or in a small town. Usually the hero will have to overcome the evil forces that are trying to destroy him or her. Modern horror movies combine elements of the horror movie with comedy, often interspersed with blood and gore. Some of the more popular modern horror movies are Hostel, Saw, and The Ring.

Fantasy movies deal with creatures from other worlds. These may be imaginary beings or people from another time. They may be animals, robots, or aliens. Fantasy movies can include anything from elves and wizards to dragons and vampires.

Most people associate the movie industry with Hollywood. But it is an international industry and many other countries produce movies for the American public. All major studios are based in the United States. Many movies are made in foreign countries and shown in the American movie industry. Some of these films are successful enough to be seen in the theaters all over the country.