Indulge your inner rock god with the Morpher from Donner! The Morpher is a true bypass distortion pedal that can also be used as a boost or overdrive pedal. The Morpher features knobs for Level, Tone (with Cell knob), Distortion, Filter, and Volume. You can use the Level control to set the amount of gain and distortion, as well as clean up the tone in front of amps that get dirty.

The Morpher by Donner is designed for solo performers or guitarists in a band who want to easily experiment with cool sonic textures. It also makes a great addition to an existing pedalboard as a unique alternative overdrive pedal and/or distortion pedal. The Donner Morpher chorus pedal is a versatile pedal that has 2 effects in one: overdrive and distortion.

It also features an intelligent LED display that shows you the type of effect you are using, and also how much overdrive/distortion you have dialed in. The Morpher chorus pedal offers users a broad frequency range that allows for warm, clear low-end, and screaming high-end tones. Each effect has its own 3-band EQ, letting you fine-tune your sound to suit your guitar and amp.

Tone chasers will fall in love with the Morpher Distortion. Donner has designed this chorus pedal to be used with guitar or bass and has included everything from octave up to insane fuzzy distortion sounds. The sweet spot is nailed perfectly—-great sound with low noise and no hum or buzz.

This simple but versatile booster pedal contains the same output stage found in Donner pedals that have been praised by artists throughout the music industry. Mount it in front of your favorite drive pedal for focused distortion and riff enhancement, or use it as a stand-alone pedal to foster new creative ideas.

Donner Cruncher 3 Type Effects Delay: Top Multi Guitar Effect Chorus Distortion Pedal

The Donner Alpha Cruncher is a multi-effect chorus pedal that can mimic distortion, acoustic guitar, electric bass, or choir. This multi-effect pedal features 3 types of audio effects: chorus, delay, and distortion. Enjoy professional sound quality with this amazing chorus pedal for distortion. Get that squealing, synthetic distortion with the Alpha Cruncher today!

This chorus pedal is an excellent multi guitar pedal for your recording studio or live gig, to achieve that classic rock crunch tone, its effects include distortion, a delay, and a chorus for 3 effects in 1 pedal. It also features the ability to connect directly to your computer via USB for editing software and the power to make changes from your PC via MIDI.

This chorus pedal is your go-to pedal when you need it all, from fat chorus and delay effects (up to 3 seconds) to mind-blowing crunch and high gain distortion sounds. With a wide variety of sound sculpting features and controls, the Alpha Cruncher is ready to dial in that perfect tone each time you plug in.

We’ve given the Alpha Cruncher an 8-10 hour battery life, so you can be sure you’ll have enough juice for any gig! This chorus pedal is the multi-effect pedal that adds that extra level of crunch to your signal. Created by Donner, well known for their fantastic effect pedals this is made up of a Chorus/Vibrato, Distortion, and two types of Delay.

With three levels of gain and a stomp switch that switches between the effects, you can create a wide range of tones with this pedal. The Vibrato and Chorus effects are both modeled on classic vintage effects that add character and flavor to any sound.

Donner Alpha Force 3 in 1 Effect: Multi Guitar Effect Chorus High Gain Distortion Pedal

A multi-effect guitar pedal featuring a chorus pedal and distortion, the Donner Alpha Cruncher helps to cut through the mix without taking up a ton of space or adding a lot of weight to your stage rig. This durable metal pedal can be connected with your amp via the included adapter or directly into your instrument’s output jack.

The Alpha Cruncher features 3 different effect types, all of which are completely customizable for customized sound mixing. This chorus pedal is the multi-effect pedal that adds that extra level of crunch to your signal. Created by Donner, well known for their fantastic effect pedals this is made up of a Chorus/Vibrato, Distortion, and two types of Delay.

With three levels of gain and a stomp switch that switches between the effects, you can create a wide range of tones with this chorus pedal. The Vibrato and Chorus effects are both modeled on classic vintage effects that add character and flavor to any sound.

This item is the very first high-quality effects pedal of the Alpha Cruncher series, a distortion pedal with control of 3 types for guitar, fuzz, octave up, and ring modulation. It’s very practical for players to create their own flavor of effect tones and get rid of boring and monotonous effect pedals. This is a multi-effect pedal with characteristic distortion and chorus combines effects.

Based on an analog delay, it also includes an overdrive effect, a reverb effect, and a flanger effect. Some of its features include real-time modulation, three types of distortion, three delay patterns. Donner Alpha Cruncher is a high-performance multi-effects pedal with 3 types of distortion, and a built-in 3 in 1 delay module.

It features an analog-style chorus effect with adjustable depth and speed control for that distinctive sound. The versatile design includes Volume, Gain, and Edit knobs, plus the EQ Mid pot offers high-mid frequency adjustment for varied guitar tones. This chorus pedal convenient single pedal also lets you use the included power adapter or AA battery options to provide clean, reliable operation anywhere.

JOYO JF-13 AC Tone: Vintage Tube Amplifier Effects Pedal and Bypass British Rock Distortion

This JOYO JF-13 AC Tone Vintage Tube Amplifier Effects Pedal – Digital Simulation Analog Circuit and Bypass British Rock Distortion Sound for Electric Guitar Effect, Home Recording/Studio is a distortion pedal which is a high gain, low gain, clipping gain are adjustable. This pedal is one of the famous products of JOYO company.

All the knobs are NONVOLTAGE CONTROL design. So it is must-have equipment for electric guitarists, no matter you are a beginner or an expert. This Distortion chorus pedal is a fully analog British rock distortion pedal with a new vacuum tube sound. For a century, vintage tube amplifiers have been the most iconic channel of electric guitar effects.

With the selection of VOX-AC Tone technology, the vacuum tube, and rock amplifier tone join to build a more perfect rotating speaker simulation. In addition to producing the saturation and distortion of the vintage tube amplifier circuits, it also features an independent volume control knob with a bypass switch that allows you to blend your original signal in!

The blend control lets you mix the dry and wet signals so you can get the sound that best matches your playing style. Use the British Rock control to increase the gain and push the amp hard for that driving, crunchy tone associated with great Rock and Metal music. This is truly a versatile, accurate sounding, and affordable effects pedal.

The vintage sounds produced by this chorus pedal are sure to please any tone connoisseur and the ability to bypass the effect with the flip of a switch is a great feature that allows you to experiment with buffer settings on your amp or guitar to fine-tune your tone.

The specific structure of the circuit provides a high-gain saturation and big dynamic response, making it the ideal choice for crunch rhythm in rock stage performance, recording/producing, and daily practice under any conditions.

Rowin Analog: Perfect Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal for Guitar True Bypass

The Analog Heavy Metal Distortion effects pedal gives you everything you need for that classic distortion sound, and it can also be used to produce added sustain and distortion on virtually any electric guitar or bass. This is the chorus pedal to use for blues, classic rock, heavy metal, and metal styles. Whether you’re playing rhythm guitar or riffs around a solo, this pedal is the ticket.

This completely handmade chorus pedal is made by a small factory specialized in analog devices using only the finest components. Rowin packed this unit with a lot of professional features and it is really easy to reach a high-quality crunch, for blues, heavy rock, metal, or even Jazz. This device enables you to achieve by only tweaking in one single place an enormous bunch of exact and really classic sounds.

It is of course focused on the distortion domain (even if it also can be used as preamp overdrive), but it can produce pretty fuzz sounds, too. The main feature is that it tracks your picking dynamics and reacts accordingly. The heavy distortion can be used as a normal distortion pedal when the Chorus and Distortion are off.

With multiple parameters, it can produce different kinds of sound with strong dynamic characteristics, making your guitar sound powerful and aggressive. The Select Series is our top-of-the-line chorus pedal. We have taken all of the features you love about the original chorus and have crammed them into this cutting-edge pedal.

We have combined a true bypass with an effects volume and level controls for ultimate user control. The Select Pedal also contains high-grade components including hand-matched transistors, gold plated jacks, superior film capacitors, and premium potentiometers so you know you are getting the best possible effect!

SONICAKE RockStage: Multi-Effects Classic Rock Tone Distortion Chorus Pedal

RockStage Multi-Effects Classic Rock Tone Distortion Chorus Delay Reverb Cab Sim Guitar chorus pedal is a new generation of multi-effect pedal combining classic rock tone with the latest digital effects. It has many features, which have never been seen before in any other stompboxes. With its outstanding design and thoughtful functions, SONICAKE RockStage will give you incredible classic rock tones.

It features among others the following modes: distortion, delay, and reverb, which make guitar playing easier. The amplifier simulation enhances the tone of the guitar. The standard delay provides a wide delay range. One of the best chorus pedals for distortion, the RockStage pedal not only produces a bit of an echo on your sound but gives a great clean to distorted tone right off the bat.

Set up is a breeze with the plug-and-play design, and it’s compact and reliable in design. With so much going for it, it’s very surprising that so many people are still making sacrifices when they could be getting great tones this easy.

This is a multi-effects pedal loaded with classic rock tones. Covering your entire tone chain, from pre to post-AMP, provides any guitarist the tools they need to nail that iconic tone. A detailed EQ section modeled after vintage consoles gives you total control of your sound and a rare speaker simulation system lets you accurately re-amp your favorite recording sessions.

With its built-in distortion chorus pedal based on modern high gain amps and a retro chorus, this pedal is the ultimate tool for any guitarist looking to recreate that classic tone from bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and many more!

TC Electronic Dark Matter: Superb Chorus Distortion Effect Pedal

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect chorus pedal produces a much different and unique tone as compared to other distortion pedals. Its beater sensing technology has been specially designed to pick up your drummer’s unique playing style and respond to it. Tailor your tones by selecting the mode you want from its three basic settings: neutral, heavy, or extra heavy.

Another feature is its built-in chorus, giving it an extremely smooth sound and feel that will change the way you think about distortion processors. A chorus pedal effect is a sweet swirly sound that has been popular in popular music for decades. The TC Electronic Dark Matter Chorus Pedal blends this classic sound with massive distortion to create a tone that is sure to cut through even the densest mix.

If you want a modern metal tone, but need to avoid finger-destroying dive bombs, this pedal will give you the fat, dark sound you are after without sacrificing your ability to play fast. This chorus pedal is your new secret weapon for incredible, distortion-free sound.

By using the TonePrint feature, you can upload stunning new virtual distortion pedals to your pedal, allowing you to play classic sounds or completely original ones that have never been heard before. The pedal maintains exceptional tone quality even when it’s cranked and loaded with gain, thanks to TC Electronic’s proprietary Adaptive Distortion processing and soft-clipping anode circuit.

The Dark Matter re-defines how to achieve thick distortion tones by using a state-of-the-art lossless digital clipping circuit. This chorus pedal’s unique design, combined with TC Electronic’s acclaimed TonePrint technology allows you to instantaneously download new effects from artists all over the world!

You also get an ultralow noise analog gain stage, transparent true bypass, and a premium quality crystal clear sound. Add a modulation effect for up to 50% more destructive gain through your amp!

 JHS Pedals 3 Series: Outstanding Chorus Pedal for Distortion (3SDISTORTION)

JHS chorus pedal 3 Series Distortion pedal is a great tool for achieving stomps like the classic Boss DS-1 and Pro Co Rat distortion pedals. The 3SDISTORTION has been one of the flagship pedals in Joe’s lineup since its introduction.

Featuring full parameter control and true bypass switching, the amp-like voicing is a result of carefully selecting every component to achieve Joe’s vision of a modern signal path with lush distortion tones. This chorus pedal Distortion is the newest incarnation of the most popular distortion pedal we’ve ever made.

The perfect companion to our 3 Series Clean Boost, this new and improved version of the 3SD offers a variety of improvements. The 3 Series is the same proven, hand-built quality you expect from JHS, at a price that makes it a perfect addition to any pedalboard. From thick, full-bodied cleans to rich, swirling harmonic crunch, our chorus and distortion effects are the perfect compliment.

With controls for Depth, Rate, and Level, the JHS Pedals 3 Series Distortion can take your tone from shimmering chords to singing leads. JHS Pedals are built around an ultra-high quality, all discrete mini amplifier to provide you with a pure, clear, and strong signal path that is free of tone-sucking circuits found in most pedals.

The 3SDISTORTION chorus pedal l is probably the best distortion pedal you can buy at this price point. It offers an exceptional level of fidelity by using three separate discrete overdrive circuits. The 3 Series Distortion from JHS Pedals, an American boutique pedal manufacturer, boasts a wide range of distortion levels, perfect for guitarists who want to cover everything from blues to hard metal.

With its LED light display and true bypass design, the 3SD is available in three different models, which include controls for gain level and bias that allow you to fine-tune your tone.

Mosky with True Bypass Switch: Amazing Mini Distortion Guitar Pedal

The Mosky Mini Distortion is the best chorus pedal for distortion. It comes with a True Bypass Switch, Non-Delay Effect, and enough adjustable knobs to make it possible to modify its tone and create dynamic sound when playing. The housing of this chorus pedal is durable and light in weight. Backed by a full twelve-month warranty, the mini distortion pedal from Mosky is a great addition to your guitar setup.

Its single knob input selector makes it easy to dial various guitar sounds as well as make sound adjustments, while 20 tone variations using the slight gears offer you great customization options. Try this chorus pedal for distortion in your rig today. This pedal is a small and exquisite guitar effect pedal that is both an overdrive and a distortion unit.

It can be used for any instrument to give it that distinct hard edge sound, or as a distortion box with a tube amp, and is perfect for getting back to basics. Lightweight and easy to carry, the MD1 mini also comes with a true bypass switch. The mini distortion pedal is a great pedal for beginners adding pedals to their setup or just want a little something extra.

With a rich, full sound and smooth overdrive, this pedal will keep your tone full and mix well with other pedals. This effect pedal is equipped with true-bypass switching and reverse polarity protection for a worry-free performance. All of its controls are easily accessible on the top of the pedalboard, which makes it easy to use and simple to dial in your tone.

The mini chorus pedal has a small size, but it has the same circuit and quality materials as the big pedal! In addition to classic distorted voices, this pedal can be used to create a clean chorus effect by lowering the drive control. A new sub-control “Density” is especially for the chorus effect.

 SONICAKE Black Hammer MultiEffects: HiGain Distortion Chorus Delay Guitar Pedal

SONICAKE Black Hammer Multi-Effects Heavy Metal Higuain Distortion Boost Chorus Delay Guitar chorus pedal Perfect for playing heavy metal distortion sound, non-distorting high gain tone, and screaming lead tone. This Pedal is a must-have guitar pedal to create various artful distortion sound. It can produce heavy metal tones of distorted, psychedelic, and fuzz notes with the designer knob.

Two styles of chorus effect can be switched easily. It has 6 kinds of preset effects and you can DIY other sounds according to your unique needs. This Chorus Boost Distortion Pedal, which is the top guitar effects pedal on the market, is a professional grade heavy metal high-gain distortion with chorus and delay. A great effect pedal for your electric guitar or electric bass.

It is made of high-quality material and durable in use. With good performance and competitive price, this guitar effects pedal becomes hot selling items! This chorus pedal is a powerful multi-effect pedal, built with features aiming to fulfill various styles of music. With tube-like distortion, overdrive, and fuzz from the first position; this pedal is wired to deliver a signal with massive gain and clarity.

Add to this, chorus pedal and delay effects from the middle position and an all-new hi-gain distortion/fuzz at the third position. The heavy-duty true bypass switch allows you to use them whenever you want them with no deterioration in signal integrity!

This is a multi-effects pedal. With the stunning and unique design, it offers you the ability to emulate distortion, boost or delay, mono octave, poly octave, and pitch shift, using the dedicated controls on certain patches.