Evidence That Life On Earth Occurs

Earth is a place where everything is made. Everything is made from living matter, which includes animals, plants and minerals. When it becomes dry, Earth then becomes a planet known as an exogrid. This means that, it formed in the outer atmosphere of our solar system.

The planet Earth, or more accurately, the Earth’s atmosphere, is extremely complex and dynamic. It is constantly changing as it houses over two hundred million Atmospheres. If you were to travel to another earth like our own, the atmosphere would still be changing constantly as it was created and recycled every time it passed through the earth’s atmosphere. Earth’s atmosphere is continually being shaped and reshaped by heat and wind.

Earth cannot be seen from the space station except for satellites. The atmosphere of the earth consists of several layers and each layer has its own purpose and function. The earth’s inner atmosphere, known as the O3 layer, consists of mainly gases and gasses like water vapor and carbon dioxide. The next outer atmosphere, known as the L Layer, consists of lighter gases like argon and oxygen.

The earth’s outer atmosphere is continually being heated and cooled by the sun. As it warms up it pulls on the earth’s outer atmosphere, which starts pulling away from the earth. Cooler air is pulled down and warmed up while warmer air is lifted high into the clouds. This process continues as long as the earth remains intact. When the earth becomes hot it loses the ability to cool and the process stops.

The earth’s orbit is slightly elliptical and it takes about 365 days for one orbit to complete one cycle. The moon also wobbles and moves in its orbit once every year and each phase of the moon affects the earth’s orbit and affects the earth’s atmosphere. The irregularities in the earth’s orbit and atmosphere are what cause major shifts in climate and weather patterns. When this happens, drastic weather changes occur such as heavy rainfall, snowfall, cloud cover, etc.

Life on earth can be seen in many forms. We can see animals living in the ocean, birds flying around in the air, crawling on the ground, walking on trees and so much more. All these forms of life are proof of the fact that the planet earth is alive. The next time you look at the world, you will notice a wealth of evidence that there are actually beings on planet earth. The question then is just how did life begin?