Every one of us loves to go to a movie. Even if it’s just a comedy, we always get emotionally involved in the movie that we are watching. This goes the same for all genres of films, but the love affair is extra strong for comedy films. Let’s take a look at some of the basic elements of a successful movie.


The plot is the core of the movie. The plot is usually governed by two words: “the plot” and “main”. The plot is what makes the movie an action/adventure. The main character(s) is also known as the protagonist(s). The storyline is often used as a reason why people visit the movies.

The theme is often the center of attention. The theme defines the genre, the movie genre, and most importantly, the movie itself. The theme, as we have mentioned above, is often the basis of why people go to see the movies in the first place. The theme may be defined by a character, a setting, a time period, an event, or even an idea…but the main theme remains the same.

The themes are different for every movie. When discussing the themes of old movies, some people talk about classic themes such as love, tragedy, war, and redemption. Themes are extremely important to film, because it tells us something about how the world works. A theme could be a love story that takes place in a modern time, it could be about redemption, and/or it could be about revenge. In the last ten years, there have been a lot more twists with regards to the themes of movies, and this is exactly why the success of movies has become easier.

When a movie becomes a hit, it means that the audience connects with the plot, the actors, and the theme of the movie. For example, the “dyed colored” theme was quite popular in the ’80s, and this theme was adopted by the producers of many movies that were released during this decade. The “maids” themes were also quite popular in the eighties, and this theme became the core of many romantic comedies. The “V for Vendetta,” with Alan Rickman as The Hulk, became one of the most talked about films of the decade, because it was about the themes of hatred and revenge, which are very popular in modern society.

These themes are quite universal, and they are always present. What makes them interesting is that, over time, these themes have changed. The United States, for example, has seen quite a few changes in its culture, and it’s almost impossible to pinpoint the exact causes for these changes. However, changing society, changing technology, changing culture – all of these factors are connected, and everything starts with a common theme, which is what makes a movie interesting.