We all love someone or something, some of us are even lost at the heart because of love. Love is an intense set of feelings and behaviours characterized by intense intimacy, romance, commitment, and care. It normally involves emotional closeness, security, love, caring, affection, and desire. Love may change over time and can range from barely noticeable to highly intense. Some forms of love may be more difficult to find and maintain than others. But regardless of where your love lies, if it doesn’t feel like you’re really living in it or that it’s truly happening, then it’s not love.


The most common form of love that people experience is physical attraction. It can be difficult to separate physical attraction from real love in a relationship because everyone is attracted to different qualities and isn’t always ready to open up about their most innermost thoughts. Physical attraction can be one of the most important components of a relationship, but it can also become the most problematic. When you are in love you should always be focusing on feelings first and you should be careful not to let lust take over.

Love can also be fostered by sharing positive emotions with another person. Emotional intimacy is the foundation of any relationship and when one partner expresses positive emotions towards another person, they are being drawn into that person. It can be difficult to know when to express love and when to draw back and when to let go, but when shared in the right way love will strengthen the bond between two people.

True love is sharing the deepest aspects of your life with another person. This is when your attention is completely focused on them and when your emotions are strong. True love is usually between two people who are very similar in some way. It seems like they have already met and are just “meant to be”. It seems like the chemistry just occurs naturally and is not forced.

You must understand that you can develop this type of relationship, but you must also realize that there are many different types of infatuation. You can be involved in an intense, unconditional form of infatuation where you think you are so in love with someone that you won’t change. You can also be involved in an unbreakable, non unconditional form of infatuation. In the latter type of infatuation, you are not seeking to change the other person, but rather to keep them. However, you must be aware that you are actually changing yourself because you are trying to keep a part of yourself no matter what the outcome of that relationship may be.

When you are involved in an unconditional form of love you are connecting with all of the parts of your being that are important to you. In addition, you are also connecting with all of the parts of your life that feel like they belong to you. These are the relationships you should strive to build in your lifetime. If you are interested in building long-lasting relationships that are based on true attraction and intimacy you will definitely want to pay attention to these types of relationships.